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“I am inspired by the energy and the excitement of the kids I work with to create the music and movement exercises of Puddle Jumpers which in turn inspires them to sing and dance and play along with me.”

Pauline Houston McCall is on a highly energetic journey – creating, writing and performing children’s music and movement programs. Puddle Jumpers joyfully started as a seed, some ten years ago and now spans over ten preschool and community centers. Pauline is a powerhouse singer, songwriter and vocalist involved with multiple music productions and programs. Among her various engagements are MOKA SOUL, an R&B/Soul project, Spiritual Thunder, a freak folk blues rock extravaganza and Thunderbird, a heavy rockemsockem venture which holds nothing back – all of which she puts forward with her husband and musical partner Robb McCall.



Most notably, Pauline has been involved throughout the Tri-State area with the highly regarded music education program Raising Music, which has brought music composition and performance skills to hundreds of young people on an intense level of involvement and collaboration.


There is something special and magical when Pauline connects with her audience – something pure and funny… hilarious and even joyful about connecting these young children together. Through ensemble movement and music these children are learning valuable lessons about their community and the world around them.

Ms. Pauline's other musical projects!

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